Date Online Message Speaker
12/18/2011 Count Your Silvers Elder Sinching Chiu
12/04/2011 The Crucified King Pastor Chen
11/20/2011 Baptism Testimony Baptist
11/13/2011 Work diligently to be faithful servant of God Brother Yu Yang
11/06/2011 The King's Prophecy of the End of the World Pastor Chen
10/23/2011 Victorious King: God's will and my Thinking Brother Xiaodong Wang
10/09/2011 Jesus Gives Rest Brother Changming Jin
10/02/2011 Ministry of the king Brother John Yan
09/18/2011 The King's Authority Pastor Chen
09/11/2011 Serving Brother Charles Chang
09/04/2011 The healing power of the king Pastor Chen
08/21/2011 Abundant Life Pastor Chen
08/14/2011 How do you see wealth? Pastor Chen
08/07/2011 The true meaning of the Law Pastor Chen
07/24/2011 Great Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven (1) Pastor Chen
07/17/2011 He is the King Pastor Chen
07/10/2011 The king has come Pastor Chen
07/03/2011 Kingdom of Heaven - The covenant come true Pastor Chen
06/19/2011 Father's Love like Mountain Brother Long Cheng
06/12/2011 New Covenant Pastor Chen
06/05/2011 David commit sin Pastor Chen
05/22/2011 Covenant at Shechem: The Renewed Covenant Brother Peter Wang
05/15/2011 God's covenant with David: A man after His Own heart Brother XiaoDong Wang
05/08/2011 Mother's Role Pastor Chen
05/01/2011 The Covenant at Moah Pastor Chen
04/24/2011 Easter Pastor Chen
04/17/2011 Jesus Christ is the King Brother Changming Jin
04/10/2011 To Break Up Golden Calf of our life Brother Victor Zhang
04/03/2011 Covenant at Mount Sinai Pastor Chen
03/20/2011 Covenant with Abraham IV Pastor Chen
03/13/2011 Covenant with Abraham III Pastor Chen
03/06/2011 Covenant with Abraham II Pastor Chen
02/20/2011 Covenant with Abraham I Pastor Chen
02/13/2011 Men's continuously sin Vs. God's everlasting Love Brother Charles Chang
02/06/2011 Covenant of Noah Pastor Chen
01/23/2011 Communication Between Man and God Pastor Chen
01/16/2011 The Breakdown of Covenant Pastor Chen
01/02/2011 What is a Covenant? Pastor Chen